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KATAKA is a Danish-based company founded in 2006. The company works with mechatronics based on a new and patented technology for electromechanical linear actuators.
The first commercial product is the KATAKA 400 actuator.
A video of the KATAKA 400 actuator in action can be viewed on YouTube.

KATAKA’s technology has enabled the production of new compact linear actuators never seen before. These give engineers and designers new opportunities for redesigning existing products as well as designing new and innovative products.
The actuators from KATAKA provide a linear motion from within a confined space. On the photo the front end of a Caterham sports car is being lifted by a KATAKA actuator. 
Companies using the compact KATAKA technology can differentiate their products, and thus add more value for present and future customers.
KATAKA is a committed supplier working with continuous improvement of product and supply chain for the benefit of its customers. KATAKA offers benefits for all parties in the value chain with respect to quality, timeliness and economics. 


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KATAKA A/S – phone: +45 70 206 307 – email: info {at} kataka.dk
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